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Personal Details

Name: mark eliot

Last visit: Feb 9, 2009

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for me, its all about writing right now. i'm one of those all or nothing types - so, thats what it is.


i'm reading every single book i can possibly get my hands on about screenwriting, and also studying all the scripts that i can download.


i'm not big on all the action/adventure, horror, special effects type stuff. for me, its all about the story - thats what gets me. i'm big on dramas.

About Me

small minds discuss people... average minds discuss events... great minds discuss ideas. basically, that's my whole mindset. i consider myself a great mind... and i'm interested in meeting like-minded folk who share the same dreams and goals in maximizing our gifts as screenwriters.


i'm really new to the craft and business of screenwriting. so, i'm really just taking baby steps right now - trying to learn and soak up all the knowledge that i can, continue growing as a writer, and most of all keeping myself motivated. i'm working on my first feature film right now. i'm super passionate about it, and finishing it is my only goal at this point.

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