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Name: Dan Douma

Last visit: Dec 23, 2008

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Where do I start?

About Me

Proud eighth-grade graduate and agnostic from intensely protestant upbringing. As the only alternative to Readers Digest at home read entire Funk and Wagnalls dictionary and encyclopedia during breakfasts and school suspensions. At the age of 16, after initial outrage of discovering the existence and meaning of capitalism via accidentally coming across an edition of Fortune magazine became hardened anti-establishment and went to the road for relief. Became interested in art, writing and music. Worked at menial jobs in boatyards, museums, ghost writing, fruit picking, auto mechanics, picture framing to name a few. In mid-seventies composed lyrics and music for two LPs recorded for ABC records for group Wha-Koo and subsequently Warners Bros. solo LP Night Eyes in 1978. Night Eyes has recently been re-issued. "I have been totally blessed with the wonderful family, friends and people who've sailed with me."

Professional Experience

Founder and Partner
The Writers Store (1982) and Innoventive Software (2002),
December 1982 - Present

Previously composer and lyricist recording for ABC and Warner Brothers Records which the contributed to the concept of using computers for the entertainment arts.

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