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The Life & Craft of the TV Writer with Jeffrey Stepakoff

Learn how to have a successful career and life as a TV writer in Hollywood.


Presented by: The Writers Store

Start date: Aug 25, 2007 7:00 PM

End date: Aug 25, 2007 8:30 PM

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Join us to learn how to have a successful career and life as a TV writer in Hollywood, how TV got where it is and where it’s going, as well as how to break into the business and stay there!


“Would-be TV writers will crave these behind-the-scenes details of a writer's life…”
--Publishers Weekly

“[Billion-Dollar Kiss] will entice media watchers and aspiring television writers with its behind-the-scenes insight on a productive time in Hollywood.”
-- Library Journal

“Call it 'Adventures in the Small Screen Trade,' a memoir with insight into history, culture and business. Billion-Dollar Kiss tells its story with everything we strive for in great TV -- some great lines, cool twists, and the one thing we don't always achieve -- truth.”
- Juan Carlos Coto, Writer-producer, NCIS, Invasion, The Pretender, The Dead Zone, Drive

“Everything, everything, everything I would tell someone who wants to be a TV writer is in this book-- the good stuff, the bad stuff, the sad stuff, juicy details, actual dollar amounts, names and gossip, plus all the real-time advice you can truly use. Plus, there's something even more important holding it all together-- Jeffrey Stepakoff's heartfelt, hilarious journey through the TV biz. Next time someone asks me if they can pick my brain I'll recommend this book first.”
--Jill Soloway, Co-Executive Producer, Six Feet Under


About the Book

Blending riveting memoir with a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how television is really made, a highly successful TV writer-producer describes how quality script-driven programming ruled the airwaves in the eighties and nineties, why we’re watching so much reality TV and what the future of television holds for viewers and writers alike.

Both a fascinating personal story and an insider’s examination of the heyday of drama and sit-com television, BILLION-DOLLAR KISS: The Kiss That Saved Dawson’s Creek and Other Adventures in TV Writing by Jeffrey Stepakoff is the first book to provide an insider’s account of the golden age when new writers commanded million-dollar salaries and writer-driven content was king. Jeffrey Stepakoff, whose eighteen-year career in television has spanned Dawson’s Creek, The Wonder Years, and Sisters, takes us inside this underreported chapter in the Hollywood story.

In the era of multibillion-dollar syndication revenues for Seinfeld, Friends, and ER, studios threw six-figure checks at kids with spec scripts. The industry was gunning for the next big thing—a billion-dollar kiss, like the one proposed by a novice writer on Dawson’s Creek. (Suggesting that two characters [Joey and Pacey] kiss, the writer created a love triangle that propelled the series into syndication.)

Like no author has done before, Stepakoff reports from the primetime story rooms, pitch meetings, and on the set to tell a remarkable story: how a Hollywood business model rocketed to success then came to a crashing end, while television still managed to remain one of America’s biggest and most intriguing businesses.


About the Author

Jeffrey Stepakoff has been writing professionally in Hollywood since 1988. He has “written by” or “story by” credits on thirty-six television episodes, has written for fourteen different series and has worked on seven primetime staffs, producing hundreds of hours of internationally-recognized television. His credits include the Emmy-winning THE WONDER YEARS, SISTERS, WILD CARD, HYPERION BAY, LAPITCH, C16: FBI, ROBIN’S HOODS, LAND’S END, FLIPPER, SONS & DAUGHTERS, MAJOR DAD, BEAUTY & THE BEAST, HAVE FAITH, SIMON& SIMON and DAWSON’S CREEK where he was Co-Executive Producer. Stepakoff has also created and developed pilots for many of the major studios and networks, including 20th Century, Paramount, MTM, Fox and ABC. And he has developed and written major motion pictures, including Disney’s TARZAN and BROTHER BEAR. His new book, BILLION-DOLLAR KISS, about his life and career in the television business, is his first book.


More Praise for "Billion-Dollar Kiss"

“The most complete exploration of the business of TV writing that I've ever encountered.”

“A book anyone serious about breaking into the TV business has probably already pored through…and a book anyone considering an assault on the industry would do well to read. The closest the Television industry has to 'Adventures in the Screen Trade'... the networks would be well-served by [Stepakoff's] sane insights into their struggles."

“If you are at all into television, even remotely interested in the business of television, in writing TV – you must get this book, BILLION-DOLLAR KISS. It is absolutely a must-read!”

“Mr. Stepakoff knows how to spin a great story about the frantic, crisis atmosphere of television production, and his deft, compact sketches of individual moments on the Dawson's Creek staff are worth the price of the book alone.”

“Stepakoff's book was fascinating -- not to mention educational. The subtitle could be 'Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Writing for Television But Were Afraid to Ask.'"

"It's definitely juicy before-bedtime reading."

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