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Trying to get funding for a feature film through Liquor Sponsorships and Ad placement - Help!

Hi There We are an Independent film company who is trying to get a feature film made. We currently are raising funds with live performances and seeking sponsors for these events. To entice sponsors we are giving them Ad space on video's of these shows. But we need to generate a massive number of hits on these videos to make them see the value. The videos are actually pretty entertaining - and all we are asking of you is that you watch them. Possibly subscribe to the Station. It's not much and they are fun to watch. What have you got to loose 15 - 20 minutes of boredom? So please just check them out. Leave a comment or two. Hey and if you like them. Why not pass them on to your friends? http://www.youtube.com/user/SpyderFilmDayv Also if you are interested in knowing more, or participating in the project itself feel free to drop a line. Thanks So Much Dave Creative Director Spydermonkey Films